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Fall Update

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Fall Update
Sept- Oct '08

Have you Networked lately?

We know that being the Christian God has called us to be means anything but sitting back and taking it easy. We are told to take action from, "draw near to God" to, "go into all the world."

But, are you taking action online? Are you really networking? Or are you just letting others come to you?

This Network site is a great tool and a great place for you to start! Here is a place where you view the most recent posts by those within the network, the newest members to join our network and this weeks "Blog of the Week", just to name a few.

It is there for you! Why not visit it today, and make it a part of your regular Internet regimen?  
While you are here, bookmark it or add it to your favorites, and come back again soon!

Help us reach 100!

The network is nearing the one hundred members mark.

Please, help us reach this milestone!

1. Blog about the Network
2. Email & invite your A/G Blogging friends
3. Add an "in-text" link to the network

Thanks for doing your part to make this network stronger and better! Together we can make a greater impact for Him as we "Shine God's light and love on the Internet."

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Do you have any ideas, suggestions or comments for the Assembly of God Blogs network? Email the network administration at:

Looking forward to hearing from YOU!