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Prayer during Elections

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In case you are not aware of this resource, The Assemblies of God and it's National Prayer Center has put out some excellent "Decision '08" resources.

Below is a picture of the NPC's recently published "31-Day Election Prayer Calendar."  This prayer calendar begins NEXT SUNDAY, October 5th, and runs through election day.   

I encourage every CHRISTIAN to get their copy of this valuable resource! (No matter your denomination!!)

(Clicking on the calendar image will take you to the National Prayer Center page in which you can download your own copy in color or black and white.)

  Recently an Assembly of God Blog, "Big Weiss Blog" wrote:
It would benefit all of us to stop clamoring to the images we see blasted in front of us, to turn off our ears to what people might say (because many times words are meant to persuade), and to get on our faces before God and pray.   His will is the most important- because it is not men who can change the course of a nation, but God CAN! 
Well put Jenni at "Big Weiss Blog." So click on the calendar image above, and go get your copy! :0)