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B.O.W. Award for the Week of 7/21-7/27

1. What is the title of your blog?

Beyond Microbursts

2. What is your blog’s address?

3. Tell us about yourself.

DaNella is just an ordinary person. She is a wife, mother, and college student with one extraordinary difference; she listens to what God speaks to her about the ordinary things.

DaNella and her husband, Quintin, live in Calera Alabama with their four children: Matt, Christeonnah, Tymothie, and Juliannah.

She is a student at the University of Montevallo pursuing her Psychology degree while running a small photography business along with taking the time to write more Microbursts!

DaNella and her husband have been actively serving in ministry as pastors for over twelve years. They always seem to find the time to serve. Their lives together serve as an encouragement to others around them.

DaNella’s positive perception mingled with her love for people shines through in her written works. Her writings serve to encourage others, build them up in their faith, and strengthen their hope.

Get to know DaNella by logging on to her blog at

You contact DaNella for speaking engagements by emailing her.

4. What do you blog about the most?

Pictures, and God. I love to take pictures, and I love how "All of Nature reflecst the nature of GOD!" (Origonal quote)

5. Do you have any other blogs that you write or co-write? no

6. When did you start blogging?

Um I think back in November?? Late last year anyway.

7. What or who prompted you to start blogging?

Deanna Shrodes... I had been corrosponding with her over a diffrent matter, and she had a link to her myspace on the bottom, and there in the blogging section was a link to her blog  After reading it some, I realized it was a "blogspot blog" and that I could have one too! So I made one. I wasn't sure what I would have to blog about, but the longer I have it the more I think of to share.

8. How did you learn about Assembly of God Blogs?

Once again Deanna

9. What has blessed you the most about Assembly of God Blogs?

New friends... like Aaron, and Sharon and ... well too many to list.

10. Is there anything that you would like to add?

Thank you for thinking of me to design the button! I love photography more and more every day!

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DaNella's Blog: Beyond Microbursts, was nominated by Jenni @ Big Weiss Blog.
Jenni wrote: I'd like to nominate DaNella for her ongoing contributions to the blogosphere though her creative work, beautiful spirit, and availability to always help other whenever she is needed. She is a willing vessel open to being filled and used by the Spirit!
Thank you Jenni for the nomination!
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DaNella Auten said...

Awww. Thanks Jenni!

Aaron said...

I agree with Jenni. Danella has been there for me a couple times and it was just what I needed. I loooove her photos!!!