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B.O.W. Award for the Week of 7/14-7/20

1. What is the title of your blog? Lifetime Intimate Portrait

2. What is your blog’s address?

3. Tell us about yourself.

I am Deanna Shrodes ~ daughter of God, wife to Larry, mother to Dustin, Jordan and Savanna Rose. I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland but currently live in Tampa, Florida where I serve as co-pastor of Northside Assembly of God. My first love (aside from Jesus and my family) is writing. I am also the founder/director of the Pastoring Partners Network. My hobbies are reading, biking, and walking. Floating on my pink noodle on the beach at sunset, and sipping a good café con leche are also three of my favorite things to do.

4. What do you blog about the most? Life and ministry issues.

5. Do you have any other blogs that you write or co-write? Yes, Equal Time at that I co-write with Pastor Tara Sloan, and also Pastoring Partners at

What is the focus of those blogs? Equal time focuses on issues of equality and Pastoring Partners focus is on being a resource and support for pastor’s wives and women in ministry.

6. When did you start blogging? I believe it’s been three years now on line.

7. What or who prompted you to start blogging? I’ve written and journaled literally all my life. I can’t remember a time I didn’t. Blogging on line for me is just making public what I’ve been doing in private for many years, and actually doing it more – because I still keep a private blog as well for things that are appropriate to write there or when I just need something totally sacred.

8. How did you learn about Assembly of God Blogs? Through meeting Superwoman Sharon Snavley online a few years ago.  A Hoosier Family

9. What has blessed you the most about Assembly of God Blogs? I love Sharon’s passion to connect others. I am enjoying seeing her vision come to pass and go to new levels. The growth of the AG blogs in this short of a time is amazing! It has been a blessing to be the recipient of her hard work and click through and check out the blogs on the site and see what and who is out there. There is some great reading to be found on the AG blogs,not to mention I’ve made a few new blogging friends.

10. Is there anything that you would like to add? Thank you for giving me the B.O.W. Award. I am surprised and honored. As I mentioned before, I always journaled regularly before blogging became in vogue. I will always blog even if it some day isn’t as fashionable. I was writing even when nobody was reading, but the fact that anyone else besides me does read and is blessed is always an incredible thing for which I’m ever grateful.

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Deanna's Blog, Lifetime Intimate Portraits was nominated by Laurie @ Women Taking a Stand.
Laurie wrote: I would like to nominate Deanna at
for the weekly blog award.

I always enjoy reading her blog. She speaks boldly the truth of the Word and she is not afraid to write about real things in her life. She is a great writer and even though I have not met her in person, I feel like she is a great mentor to many, not just the ones in her church but to those in the blogosphere!

Thank you Laurie for the nomination!!


DaNella Auten said...

Congratulations Deanna! Love your blog!