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B.O.W. Award for the Week of 7/28-8/3

1. What is the title of your blog? Destiny Driven

2. What is your blog’s address?

3. Tell us about yourself.

With a rich heritage in ministry, Tara Sloan embraced the call of God and followed in the footsteps of her father, uncles, and several male cousins by becoming an ordained, licensed minister, the first woman in her family. Through powerful, anointed preaching and teaching, Tara speaks to what God has deposited into the lives of both Christians and the lost. An encourager by nature, she also operates through prophetic exhortation. Her heart is that people awaken their potential, discover their possibility, and become their destiny in Christ.

Tara and her husband Craig (of 17 years) are a dynamic power couple for Christ driven to impact both the Kingdom of God and darkness. They have ministered together as evangelists, staff pastors and co-pastors in the local church. Tara is also the author of Becoming Destiny Driven and the upcoming Confessions of a Destiny a Driven Diva. The Sloan’s currently reside in Chicago where they minister in the areas of Assimilation and Outreach at Evangel World Outreach Center. Craig and Tara are the blessed parents of five beautiful daughters, Kaitlyn (15), Kelsea (13), Haley (10), Alexandria (6), and Isabella (2).

4. What do you blog about the most? Leadership, family and ministry

5. Do you have any other blogs that you write or co-write?

Equal Time for Women
I co-write with Pastor Deanna Shrodes. Equal Time focuses on egalitarian issues in the church.

Take Root and Write
Take Root and Write is a group of Christian Women in collaboration to compose words of encouragement, insight, and thought for your journey and ours.

6. When did you start blogging? June 2006

7. What or who prompted you to start blogging? I cannot recall. I’ve always been a writer. However, blogging was something I wanted to try to keep up with as a summer project, now more than two years later, I’m still here!

8. How did you learn about Assembly of God Blogs?

Pastor Deanna Shrodes

9. What has blessed you the most about Assembly of God Blogs? I love networking! And the encouragement and camaraderie are second to none!

10. Is there anything that you would like to add? I have been truly blessed and honored to be a part of this network. Thank you for this honor. I love blogging, chronicling my life’s journey is a quirky way that surprisingly, a lot of people seem to get! THAT will never cease to amaze me!

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Tara's Blog- Destiny Driven was nominated by Deanna at Lifetime Intimate Portraits.
Deanna wrote: I would like to nominate Tara Sloan at Destiny Driven. ( I’ve known Tara and been a close personal friend for a long time before she ever started blogging. She’s the real deal. She’s amazing. The thing is, blogging has given her a voice to the world where many people are meeting for the first time the friend of deep character and passion that I’ve known for years. I feel like the blogosphere has given one of the best kept secrets of the body of Christ – Tara Sloan – a place to shine and let her powerful voice be heard. She’s a gift to the body of Christ, and that’s why I’m nominating her.
Thank you Deanna for your nomination!
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