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Assembly of God Blog Party

If you are unfamiliar with a "Blog Party" please read the entire post. Should you have any further questions, be send an email to the Owner/Moderator.

**EVERYONE is Invited! You do not have to belong to the Assembly of God denomination to join the party!**

How to join the Party:

1. Invite your readers to the party.
Write a blog about the party, and invite your readers to join the party. The more the merrier! Think of something creative, and encourage readers to join the Assembly of God Blog Ring. FYI: Party participants do not have to belong to the Assembly of God denomination, only ring participants. The more people displaying the banner (A/G or not) the better. It's a great way to get the word out.

2. Copy and paste the following code, for the Assembly of God Blogs Party badge, and place somewhere in your sidebar. *Updated 4/5/08

title="BlogParty by A Hoosier Family, on Flickr"><img
width="144" height="257" alt="BlogParty"
***If the above code doesn't work try this one:
<p align="center"><a
title="BlogParty by A Hoosier Family, on
Flickr"><img alt="BlogParty"
3. Sign the "Guest List"
Once you: 1. Have the party badge in your sidebar 2. Write one post about the Assembly of God Blogs Party then you need to 3. Sign the OFFICIAL Mr. Linky "guest list" (Below). Only those who have followed steps 1, 2, and 3 (sign the official "guest list") are eligible for the random door prize drawing.

Everyone who has correctly signed the official Mr. Linky Guest List by 12pm eastern on Wednesday April 30th, placed the party badge in their sidebar, and wrote a post about the party are eligible for the random door prize drawing, to be held no later than 12pm on May 1st. Winners will be posted at Assembly of God blogs no later than May 2nd.

The Assembly of God Blogs Party will be held the entire month of April!

Once you've done all your party preparation (Steps 1-3- above), join the party during 4/1/08-4/30/08. Here's what you do: you've done all your party preparation (Steps 1-3- above), join the party during 4/1/08-4/30/08. Here's what you do: Click the Assembly of God Blogs Party banner (picture) to bring you back to this post. Check out the Official Guest List Get out there and mingle, by visiting others who are joining the party!

Door Prizes
What would a party be like without door prizes??? Vist the prize page to check out the neat things that will be given away at the party! If you would like to give a door prize, please send an email! (This is optional, but would be greatly appreciated!)

The prizes page will be updated as they are submitted! Prizes should be something for free (not discounts). Those who donate door prizes will be responsible for sending the prize to the winner. Donors will be notified of the winners, from a random prize drawing, on or before May 3rd.

If you have any questions, please email the Assembly of God Blogs Owner/Moderator.

Sign the Official Guest List

Please note that you should link to the specific "party post", not your main blog address. (To get this specific address, view blog, click on party post title, copy address in the address bar, paste in the Mr. Linky below.)


Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoooo! I love a good party!

I posted about the party, but I mistakenly used my main address rather than link to the party post. So, here's the link:


Anonymous said...

Praying that the Lord will multiply this ministry quickly and that many bloggers will find it a blessing! I'm proud of your work, Sis! May God receive glory for those shining His light across the internet!

Dr. Deanna DossShrodes said...

Yippee aye aye! Always excited about a party.

Thanks so much Sharon, for throwing it!

Love you

Web Designer said...

Fun stuff - Great idea!
Tami - African Dreams

Anonymous said...

I posted my party info :o)

Anonymous said...

I linked my Mr. Linky signature to my party post this time...

Anonymous said...

I love parties!
Sharon, thanks for all the work you're doing to connect all of us!
Grace and peace

Anonymous said...

Better late than never!
Thanks for throwing this party, with or without the pinata! ;-)


LAURIE said...

I finally got the party posted. I tried a few weeks ago but never could get the party link to post, but finally got it to work.

the new format looks really good Sharon and I hope this will get the word out to our readers about your great blogring.

God Bless, Laurie

Chocolate and Coffee said...

Great job! Praying that this ministry will be a huge blessing to others.

Thanks for throwing the party!

Blessings to you.