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Door Prizes

What would a party be like without door prizes??? Check out the neat things that will be given away at the party! If you would like to give a door prize, please send an email! (This is optional, but would be greatly appreciated!) A special thank-you to those who graciously are donating door prizes!!

This page will be updated as prizes are submitted! Prizes should be something for free (not discounts). Those who donate door prizes will be responsible for sending the prize to the winner. Donors will be notified of the winners, from a random prize drawing, on or before May 3rd.

If you have any questions, please email the Assembly of God Blogs Owner/Moderator.

Donor & Prize

#1: $25.00 Gift Card to Best Buy
#2: Paperback book "90 Minutes in Heaven"; $10.00 Gift Card to Hobby Lobby; $5.00 Gift Card to Starbucks

#3 $10 gift card donation to Christian Book Distributors

#4 "Chocolate for a Woman's Courage" by Kay Allenbaugh
“In this triumphant salute to mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and colleagues, these 77 true-life stories celebrate women at their best- willing to take risks, stand up for family and friends, find the love they need, claim their true spirit, laugh at their own foibles, and celebrate someone else’s success.” **Deanna is a contributing author.

#5 “An Adventure In Faith” softcover book by Palmerine Pratt
Amazon's description: "This is a story of the faithfulness of God, of His deliverance - reminding us, "God cares, He watches, He knows, He sees, He can change lives, He can break the bonds and shackles that bind us, and set us free. And he whom the Son sets free is free indeed!" It tells of the spiritual journey of Palmerine Pratt and her marriage to Russell Pratt, both Assemblies of God ministers; of physical and mental obstacles faced within their ministry. It also tells of the miraculous deliverance, healing and restoration of their family leading to overseas ministry as musical missionary evangelists traveling solely on faith without pledged support from home for many years."

#6 "Microbursts" softcover book by DaNella Auten Microbursts are powerful bursts of revelation that God wants to speak into our everyday lives. They are available to all of us, but there is one catch; we have to be willing to receive them. God deeply desires to reveal Himself to us. If we are willing to receive His word, He will pour it out to us. In fact, He will blow us away with revelations on a daily basis! These are stories from my life and how God has helped me handle different things. Through ordinary experiences, God has revealed Himself in extraordinary ways. Have you ever lost a radio knob or burned your tongue on hot cocoa? Have you lost a loved one or simply had a bad day? Did you ever consider that God might be trying to get your attention? Come with me, share a few Microbursts, and let God blow you away with the revelations He has been waiting to rain down on you? Are you willing?
#7 The War Manual : A Guide to Intercessory Prayer by C.B. Grace
To read exerpts from the book, click here. Excellent topic!