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B.O.W. Award for the Week of 9/8 - 9/15


1. What is the title of your blog?
A Piece of Candied Ginger for Your Mind

2. What is your blog’s address?

3. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Erika Hendricks and I recently moved to Maryland with my husband.  My official title is Executive Assistant at my church (I’m the assistant to the Senior Pastor and the Associate Pastor).  I am also the director of the young women’s ministry of my church, Treasures.  I am wife, a soon to be mother (I’m five months pregnant with my first child), and hopelessly devoted follower of Jesus Christ.
The biggest accomplishment that I have experienced so far is going back to college later in life and getting my degree!  It was a hard time in my life, but I knew God was behind it.  At the age of 24 I left the only place I had ever lived in, New Jersey, a stable job that I loved, and my family to follow God’s direction and move to Florida to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Church Leadership.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences that He has led me through as of yet.

4. What do you blog about the most?
I love to be a “Student of Life”, so my blogs are usually experiences that I have learned from that I want to share, messages on my heart, or family updates for my loved ones that live far away.

5. Do you have any other blogs that you write or co-write?
No, just this one for now.

6. When did you start blogging?
I have always been a journaler and when I moved away for college I wanted to keep in touch with family and friends so I started a Live Journal, then I moved to Xanga, then Myspace.  I prefer blog spot though, I want people to find me for my words and not just for pictures or fancy applications!

7. What or who prompted you to start blogging?
I have always been writing, in seventh grade I won an award for a short story and in high school I wrote a novel that I never published.  I wish I would have kept those notebooks that the novel was in but I tore them up and threw them away.  Ah the fickleness of being a teenager!

8. How did you learn about Assembly of God Blogs?
Through another blog that I read:  Lifetime Intimate Portraits- Deanna Shrodes

9. What has blessed you the most about Assembly of God Blogs?
I love to read blogs from people who are chronicling a life in Christ.  Unfortunately there are so many blogs out there that it is hard to come across these types of blogs.  The Assembly of God Blogs has helped me find the type of blogs that I like to read much easier than weeding through a ton of blogs that I don’t want to read!

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Erika's blog was nominated for the Blog of the Week by Tara at Destiny Driven

Tara wrote:

"Anyone who invests in the lives of others for the glory of God is grade A in my book!!!! I do not know her personally, but she is very candid and seems very real!"
Thanks Tara for your nomination!