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Something YOU can do!

If you've been up on the news lately, undoubtedly you've heard of record flooding in Indiana. Areas south of Indianapolis are hit hard, particularly the city of Columbus, Indiana. One of the Assembly of God churches (First A/G: Rev. Andreason; member of Assembly of God Blogs) has been hit particularly hard. He said flood waters had reached up to 70% of the church walls!Below is part of his update this morning.

Two things for you to do for me, OK:

1) Please pray for the Convoy of Hope Community Outreach being
conducted onour back parking lot tomorrow (Thursday) from 9 to 5 pm, or until
allsupplies are given away. Pray for opportunities of prayer and ministry to
beinterspersed in each divine window of opportunity to touch someones
woundedlife with the love of Jesus. Right now a case of water or bucket of
cleaningsupplies are in precious demand right now. Thanks Convoy of Hope for
workingwith us to reach our city for Christ! You are angels from above.

2)Would you post a "comment" on this blog to share your words of supportand
encouragement to our church and community? You don't have to leave your fullname
if you don't want to. You can be "anonymous" and just leave yourcomments. But
you could also respond with your first name and where you aredialing in from, so
to speak: Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas, India,etc. All you need to do is
click on the comment link below this post, thenleave us your personal note of
support. It would be such a blessing to meand our church family!'

Please go to Pastor's Blog and post a comment. If you are part of the Assembly of God Blogs, please let him know that too! He would be encouraged to know you are a part of his extended online ministry family!

I encourage you to direct your readers to his site as well. Let's bless him and his church as much as possible during this time! FYI: I commented asking where we can send financial support, and awaiting his reply (should any churches be interested in a financial gift.)

You can also find Pastor Andreason's blog by clicking on the "Credentialed Ministers" genre, or watching for his daily updates in the left-hand sidebar. His blog is entitled "Pastor's Blog", and has been moved to the top of the list in the Credentialed Ministers genre for ease of access.

I've left a comment on his blog, now it's your turn!