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Assembly of God Blog Party WINNERS!

The winners have been drawn for the 2008 Assembly of God Blogs Party. I used an online random number selector and the results are:

GIFT #1 : $25.00 gift card to Best Buy to party participant #5: Iron Sharpens Iron

GIFT #2: Paperback book "90 Minutes in Heaven"; $10.00 Gift Card to Hobby Lobby; $5.00 Gift Card to Starbucks to party participant #11: Beloved MaMa

GIFT #3: $10 gift card donation to Christian Book Distributors to party participant #2:Chad Payne

GIFT #4: "Chocolate for a Woman's Courage" by Kay Allenbaugh to party participant #4:Jenni Weiss

GIFT #5: “An Adventure In Faith” softcover book by Palmerine Pratt to party participant # 9: dorinda

GIFT #6: "Microbursts" softcover book by DaNella Auten to party participant #10:DaNella Auten

GIFT #7: The War Manual : A Guide to Intercessory Prayer by C.B. Grace to party participant #19:Chocolate and Coffee


Prize contributors will be contacted within the next couple of days by email to be notified of their party participant winner. The contributors will be responsible for contacting their winners, obtaining mailing address/contact information, and mailing out their prize(s) to their winners.

Thank you to those who contributed and participated in this years party!


Aaron said...

Thank you!!!! Wow, I thought my chances were pretty good to win something but the big prize? Yippee!
I can't help myself though. I thought DaNella winning her own book was the funniest thing I heard in a long time!!

DaNella Auten said...

Awww Man, I've already read that one...

Anonymous said...

HURRAY!!! Today is a blessed day :o) Thank you so much for hosting the party!!! I pray your mom is doing better...