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A Hoosier Family
I'm the owner of the Assembly of God Blog Ring. My husband is an Assembly of God Pastor in Indiana. Come join with us to make a greater presence on the Internet, as we shine His light and love on the Net.

:: Big Weiss Blog
Faith, fun, family, and everyday life with ordinary people hoping to do extraordinary things for God.

:: Mirror Of Grace
A Spirit-filled Christian Womans reflections on following Jesus! I hope this site will encourage others to follow Jesus and discover the Power of Holy Spirit through their walks with the Lord

:: Thoughts Women Think
The purpose of this blog is to share thought, experiences, and things women go through in their walk with the Lord.

:: Journey Home
Welcome to Journey Home! We are a Christian homeschool family from New Horizon Academy. We like the simple life. This blog is about my family as we journey through life with Real People, Real Books, Real Life.

:: Keeping My Children Home.....Priceless
We are a homeschool family of 4 that loves the Lord Jesus and lives to please Him. We have schooled at home for 6 years now and are still learning new things all the time. I don't feel like I'm a veteran, just someone that has had the chance to make more mistakes. I love coffee, but cannot drink it anymore so I drink chai. I have chocolate running through my veins and my blog has made my husband a blog widower. I love to look out at the moon and stars, God is so creative isn't He! My 5 year old is praying that God will turn him into a dinosaur and my 16 year old wishes we lived inside a book store. My husband enjoys the outdoors and Nascar. Welcome to my world.

:: The Diaper Heads
The daily events of a pastor's wife and a fmily with a special needs child who is autistic.

:: Just Journaling
A Chi Alpha Missionary and Mom, things I'm learning along the way. 

:: Bscottyberg's Blurbs
I am a christian, a perfectionist, a wife to a youth pastor, a mom of two toddler boys, a part-time employee, and part of a big Italian family. I don't have time for anything else!

:: Sunshine Cottage

We are a Christian homeschooling family, trying to live a life that brings glory to Him.

:: Life is a Blessing
Daily ramblings of a Christian wife and mother. Some days I am a mommy blogger, some days I write my struggles, others I share my "sermonettes."

:: Confessions of a Sewciopath
What it's like to be a knitting, cleaning, cooking, baking, homeschooling mommy and pastor's wife.

:: Life as I know it
Snippets of life from day to day from a child of the Living God, wife, and mommy.

:: Selah

With my voice I cry to the Lord, and He hears and answers me out of His holy hill. Selah! Psalm 3:4

:: Faith, Family & Friends

:: Candied Ginger           Join Date:Jul 9 2008
Just a place to share my thoughts whether they be about what I am learning, experiencing, or remembering.

:: The Surrendered Scribe  Join Date:Jul 5 2008
God's call on my life is to encourage readers to freedom and victory through surrender in Christ. Journey with my surrender through marriage, parenting,ministry, writing and anything in between. Be encouraged, be blessed, but be back often!

:: Baaa Family
Join Date:Jun 30 2008
The Family Baaa --- Brian, Ashli, Abby & Ally. Our lives, and Mommy's thoughts along the way.

:: Journey To The Prize   Join Date:Jun 27 2008
I never dreamed I'd find myself here. A wife of over 16 years, a mom to four gorgeous boys. Wow. Things certainly turned out differently than what I expected. I am so glad they did! This site is all about the journey. The family. The friendships. The day-to-day stuff. That's what I want to remember. I hope you find some of the good stuff of life here.

:: Pastor Lori's Blog Join Date:Jun 2 2008
I blog about children's ministry, leadership, family and friends.

:: Wes' Retrospections Join Date:Jun 2 2008
I am a youth pastor and this is my blog. It's random thoughts and happenings on a variety of topics.

:: Confessions of a Sewciopath Join Date:May 26 2008
What it's like to be a knitting, cleaning, cooking, baking, homeschooling mommy and pastor's wife.

:: African Dreams Join Date:Apr 24 2008
All about our life as we prepare for the mission field!

:: Beloved MaMa Join Date:Apr 18 2008Beloved of God, Mama to 3 kiddos, Wife of a Missionary Kid... UPDATE: just started a new Prayer Ministry, bloggy style... Join me on my journey of LIFE :o)

:: Welcome to My Passion Join Date:Mar 31 2008
My daily walk with Christ and what I am learning along the way.

:: Inkyspot Join Date:Mar 31 2008
This is my blog of musings on life, missions, family, faith, and whatever yada yada pops up in my life.

:: Grace Today Join Date:Mar 31 2008
Appreciating the blessings we have from God each day, finding humor and joy together, pondering Truth.

:: The Back Forty Join Date:Mar 31 2008
Being real about the life lessons learned as a mom, wife, and pastor's wife...and LOVING everything about it ... well ... almost everything!

:: Lifetime Intimate Portrait Deanna Shrodes Join Date:Apr 5 2008
The personal up close an intimate portrait of a woman in ministry/pastor's wife. It's about what I'm currently learning, things God is showing me, things others have taught me, non-sensical stuff I'm thinking about, really life changing stuff I'm thinking about, and even sharing a little bit about things I haven't figured out yet and am not sure I ever will.

:: Blessed with Olive Plants Join Date:Mar 31 2008
Our life as we live for Jesus and homeschool our 'olive plants.'

:: Pastor T's Weblog Join Date:Mar 31 2008
A children's ministry blog.

:: Our Adventurous Life Join Date:Mar 31 2008
Follow our family on our daily adventure on this thing called "life" as we try to be God's hands and feet to the world around us. Matthew 28:19-20

:: Through the Storms of Life Join Date:Mar 31 2008
Sharing the struggles, the victories through Jesus Christ and the lessons that I've learned living just an ordinary Christian woman's life.

:: Treasures in Jars of Clay Join Date:Mar 31 2008
This blog was created with the hopes of helping women find the treasures in God's Word and find the treasure He has placed in them! Sometimes serious, mostly whimsical, but always - finding treasure!

:: Friend Join Date:Mar 31 2008
My Blog about Friendship

:: Beyond Microbursts! Join Date:Apr 7 2008
Get to know DaNella other than just her quirky Microbursts. The more you know about her, the more you will realize that she does not have to go into a special mode to write Microbursts, she just lives them, and lets God speak to her through everyday living.

:: Pastor's blog Join Date:Apr 14 2008
In the life, family and ministry of an Indiana pastor!

:: The Haines Family Join Date:Apr 16 2008
A stay at home mom to 2 preschoolers. This is my site on my thoughts of faith, family and friendship.