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Changes to the Network

Things may look a bit different here at the network.  No more buttons and genres.  Why you may ask?  Well, glad you asked. :0)  

One reason is because of my time.  I don't have much of it.  (Does anybody?!?)  Each time I would add a blog to the network it would require 15-30 minutes of my time.  That is just the initial blog addition.  Anytime a blog changes a name, address, etc.  that would require even more time.  As the network continued to grow, I found I couldn't keep up.

Another reason is that it is duplication.  (Adding a blog to two or more genres is duplicating work!) I'm sorry if this is a big disappointment for anyone!  But I have enough work without creating it or duplicating it! LOL

Weighing the traffic, traffic sources & patterns to time spent on the network, I realized the network wasn't being used and utilized to it's full potential.  I had to weigh this with my time.  

I considered getting 'rid' of this network site, and simply keeping the ring.  However, my heart couldn't do it.  So I thought "what can I do that could keep the network 'fresh' but require less work and time on my part?"  

That is how and why I came up with this compromise.  When a new blog joins the network I will grab their blog's RSS feed, and add that to the scrolling sidebar.  I will also add them to a post to feature the new addition.  This will be posted for an unspecified amount of time, for a minimum of a week.  Bottom line...This will save me a lot of work, and less headache trying to keep everyone's blogs organized in several different ways.

I hope you understand, and I would LOVE for the network to take off, and be utilized to it's full potential.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?  Please feel free to comment or send me an email.


Creator/Owner of the Assembly of God Blogs network and ring.