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The other day I got an email from one of my regular readers. The email said “I don't know why I didn't join this before...I guess I didn't know how it worked.” This got me wondering how many people haven’t joined the Assemblies of God Blog Ring (or any ring for that matter) because they don’t know, or understand a blog ring. If you are someone who hasn't heard about a blog ring, why you should, or what it does, this post is for you!

WHO can join a blog ring? Anyone who fits the ring’s guidelines, and receives owner approval can join a ring. Most ring's owner's have some sort of guidelines posted where you sign-up. Read these thoroughly to make sure your blog fits into this category, and that you're willing to adhere to the guidelines. This may be “computerese” to you. Keep reading, further explanation will be covered in the HOW section.

WHAT is a blog ring? It is a group of blogs (or websites) joined together in a circular (ring) structure. They are usually centered around a common theme. Let’s say there are five blogs in a ring. If you surf the ring you will visit sites two through five and then back again to the first site, or the one in which you began. This creates a circular/ring in your surfing.

While surfing on a ring, you know you are viewing similar blogs. So, for instance, you get on the Assembly of God Blog Ring. You would be going from one blog to another, that are all Assembly of God, on the Assembly of God Blog Ring!

Blogs must join the ring, in order to appear within the ring. Blog Ring surfers are not just getting random blogs from the Net. They are only seeing Assembly of God Blogs that have been checked by the blog ring owner, before approval and becoming a member of the blog ring. (To join the Assembly of God Blog Ring, click here.)

Another popular blog ring is Christian Woman Online. If you get on this ring you would go from one Christian woman's blog to another. You only see blogs that are within the ring.

A blog ring is a great convenience to blog surfers. It helps you see blogs that you find interesting, by topic or subject. Surfing a ring, such as the Assembly of God Blog Ring helps to assure you don't see inappropriate blogs or content, like you would see if you surfed Blogger or other blog hosts.
There are all kinds of rings out there, and probably one that suites you and your blog! If you don't find one, you can always create a blog ring yourself.

WHERE can I join a blog ring? Blog rings are all across the Internet. Perhaps you are reading a blog and notice a blog ring in the sidebar. Usually you will see a place where you can click to join the ring. The Assembly of God Blog Ring is hosted by RingSurf.

To join the Assembly of God Blog ring, click here. (It will only take about five minutes of your time, that's it! You add code to your blog, you sign up, then you blog as normal. That's all you do.)

WHY join a blog ring? Bottom Line: When you join a ring it will help improve your search engine rankings, and bring traffic to your site you may have not gotten without belonging to the ring.

Why join the Assembly of God Blog Ring? According to Technorati, "(They're) Currently tracking 112.8 million blogs...and according to Technorati data, there are over 175,000 new blogs (that's just blogs) every day. Blogs are influential, personal, or both, and they reflect as many topics and opinions as there are people writing them. Blogs are powerful because they allow millions of people to easily publish and share their ideas, and millions more to read and respond. They engage the writer and reader in an open conversation, and are shifting the Internet paradigm as we know it."

The Assembly of God Blog Ring, and the Assembly of God Blogs are a great place to go and see what's happening in other A/G er's lives and also to be encouraged by their insights and devotional thoughts. For those who are not Assembly of God, it's a great way to minister to them, showing them God's light and love via the Internet.

The more blogs there are within the ring, the higher rankings, which means the better chance of reaching those in the blog-o-sphere and showing them God. It's a means of reaching the lost, the best way possible through the Internet system. It's a ministry to those who are Assembly of God, while creating a greater force to reaching those who are not.

To join, and be a part of the Assembly of God Blog ring, it will only take about 5 minutes of your time, total. FIVE MINUTES, that's it! To learn what to do, to become a part of this growing ministry, click here.

WHEN should I join a blog ring? When you want to get more hits (visitors, traffic) to your blog and want to improve your search engine rankings. Okay, I know it’s repetitive, but who doesn’t want more hits and better rankings?

HOW do I join a blog ring? Initially you need to click a “Join” link on a blog ring navigation bar, or get to a homepage or description on a ring you wish to join. To be part of a blog ring several things must happen. First, you need to read the ring’s guidelines and make sure your blog (or site) falls within those guidelines, and that you are willing to stick to those guidelines. Second, if you say “Yes” to the guidelines, then you need to add the ring’s navigation bar to your blog. Each blog or site in the ring should have a common navigation bar with links to join and surf the ring. This adds you to the ring as well as lets others know about the ring, so they too can join. Third, the ring owner will visit your site, see that it falls within the guidelines, and approve or deny your blog in the ring.

To learn more about the Assembly of God Blog Ring click here. This page will tell you what you need to do, in three easy steps. 

So, come on! Join a blog ring! What do you have to loose, but more visitors and better rankings?