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This blog ring was created to link together Assembly of God blogs across the Internet. Anyone who is affiliated with the Assemblies of God, and has a blog, may join. (A/G churches, A/G Pastors/wives, A/G missionaries, A/G congregants/members/lay people are currently represented in the ring.) Blogs do not have to be ministry based (devotions, sermons, etc.) to be included on the ring.

By signing up you agree:

  1. You are Assembly of God, and currently attend an Assembly of God church.
  2. You will place the correct code in the SIDEBAR area of your blog, and keep it there. (The correct code can be found in Step 2.) Ring Surf's code does not contain the site banner and the join button, and that's why we have you use this code. FYI: RingSurf regularly sends out bots to check members sites for the code. If the code is not present, members are removed from the active member list and placed in the queue. Once the code is placed again on the site, you can return to the Members.
  3. You agree to allow your blog to be included on the Assembly of God Blogs site
  4. That you can occasionally be contacted by email concerning updates and news.
If you agree to these terms, you are welcome to join! Remember, you need to use the code in step 2, NOT that found on RingSurf. Blogs will not be moved to members until the "correct" code is displayed in the SIDEBAR area of the blog and approved by administration. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

hey, i posted the HTMl but havent clicked join yet..

Thanks for taking a glance at radiant church!

Ill join when i have a chance :]