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How to Keep Up With A Large Number of Blogs

In reference to the amount of blogs on the network, I've had bloggers say to me, "I can't keep up with ___ blogs."  (Insert large number).  Today, I want to let you in on my 'networking' secret.

You can keep up with a large number of blogs!

In the left hand side-bar I placed a scrolling reader.  This lists the most recent postings of blogs in the Assembly of God Blogs network.  Many of you may have previously accessed this handy-dandy feature. 

So, what is the secret?!?
I think many of you know that often times bloggers don't post everyday.  Some do, but most don't. Here is how to keep up with a large number of blogs...

Come here to the network site each day, when you have time to read blogs.  Check out the scrolling updates along the left.  When you scroll over the list, it will stop.  Click on a post and it should open in a new window.  Go back to the window with the network site, click on the next new post you're interested in reading.  Keep doing this until you get all the posts you wish to read in new windows.  
Come back the next day/time and go through the scrolling list until you reach the posts you've read last.  Depending on how frequently you visit, it could be a couple posts or more.  

Why waste time going to blogs that don't have a new post?  This way you read only new posts, and can easily keep up with 100+ blogs!

Most bloggers read other blogs daily.  Why not make the network part of your daily routine, and you too can be a successful networker!