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So Where Does the Network Go From Here?

As the network administrator, to honestly answer that question I'd say "I don't know!".

If you've been in the Assembly of God Blogs network for longer than a couple of months, you may recall the B.O.W. Award.  (Blog of the Week).  A blog was nominated from a previous B.O.W. Award recepient, and the featured blogger would answered some questions, and later featured in this spot each Monday.

Then, elections and politics came upon us, and filled this spot.  We learned about Sarah Palin being a fellow believer who attends an Assembly of God church.  We prayed everyday for 31 days for the upcoming election.  We learned from our General Superintendent how we should react towards the Presidential election.

But, now what?  Where do we go from here? 

I know that if fresh content is not put on the network blog, it can and will quickly die.  That cannot happen!  The B.O.W. Award became very time consuming, and felt as if I was constantly pulling to make it happen each week. I really don't feel that is to be picked up again, atleast by me.  Now, if YOU would want to do the weekly BOW Award, let me know! I'd be glad to consider adding YOU to this volunteer ministry! (Seriously!  I could use the help!)

Elections and politics are over.  So, that's not an option.  However, I did enjoy the daily prayer focus.  I don't believe this is something I could do well.  BUT, if YOU feel this is something you could do (submit prayer focuses for the network) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact me!  The power in the network, of over 100 blogs, praying together... WOW!  That would be awesome!

One other idea I had is to ask permission to use your outstanding blog posts.  I figured while I'm reading blogs in the network, if a post stands out and I feel it is something that could benefit the entire network, I'd request your permission to place it here.  (Or you can submit your posts, too!)

So... What do you think?  Do you feel God nudging you to help the network with submitting prayer focuses?  How about heading up the B.O.W. Award?  Or would you like to see your posts featured?  Let me know, by participating in the poll below.

And please, contact me if you feel God nudging you to help the network with the prayer focus, or BOW Award! 


DaNella Auten said...

You have standing permission to re-post any of my blogs, pictures and all. Just please drop me a comment to let me know you choose it. I'd be honored.


Lori Eilers said...

It's cool with me if you ever find something on my blog worthy to share. Thanks for all you do. I appreciate your work, time, comments and friendship.

Aaron said...

I think the people have spoken!