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Decision '08 Prayer for 10/18

Pray for divine favor upon candidates who espouse Biblical values.

To get your 31 Day Election Prayer Calendar from NPC, Click Here.


KJ said...

This is very cool! You know, I have many Christian friends who don't follow or talk much about the election at all. And then there those, such as myself, who watch Fox News, listen to conservative radio, and read all that we can. We realize how vital the leadership is in this nation and world. And, I never imagined that ecological issues would become a globally unifying "religion" in these last days.

I so appreciate your attentiveness to the election details. I have been sending out emails, checking out claims, and praying. There is so much that swings on this hinge. It is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE that will persist until Jesus returns!

Besting Blessings, KJ