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Are You Missing Something???

MANY blog ring members suddenly lost in their blog ring code! Check your blog. If you do NOT see this on your blog, this is what you do:

  • Replace your entire code. You can get the updated code here. (It will say updated 4/25/08)

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The pictures are now being hosted by a Blogger Test site. Apparently we're having too much use of them, and they are not to be hosted on flicker or Photobucket, and will hopefully prevent less problems! (This is a GOOD problem to have!) Thank you for your patience and understanding!!

I don't want to bother everyone with another email. Any of you who are visiting others on the ring, please check and see if they have theirs or not. If it's missing, please comment and let them know! I really appreciate you helping me out! I'm having a battle, but it's only encouraging! :0)


Anonymous said...

I got mine fixed! Thanks for letting me know :o)