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:: Musings of the ScifiPastor
Reflections upon life from the perspective of a science fiction loving, mac using, Starbucks addicted Assembly of God pastor.

:: Confessions of a Sewciopath
What it's like to be a knitting, cleaning, cooking, baking, homeschooling mommy and pastor's wife.

:: Beyond Microbursts!
Get to know DaNella other than just her quirky Microbursts. The more you know about her, the more you will realize that she does not have to go into a special mode to write Microbursts, she just lives them, and lets God speak to her through everyday living.

:: Moms United Prayer for Unsaved Family
Praying with other moms that our children will be blessed with a heart's desire and passion to serve Jesus Christ..

:: TJ Marsh's Weblog
Anything related to the web or outside world!

:: Connecting Points
Daily devotions from my heart to my church family. All visitors welcome.

:: Treasures in Jars of Clay
This blog was created with the hopes of helping women find the treasures in God's Word and find the treasure He has placed in them! Sometimes serious, mostly whimsical, but always - finding treasure!

Weekly devotions posted that encourage women to become women who pray. You can check out the weekly polls that give insight to what Christian Women have an opinion about and most likely show up in the blogs.

:: Through the Storms of Life
Sharing the struggles, the victories through Jesus Christ and the lessons that I've learned living just an ordinary Christian woman's life.

This blog is designed to be a place of prayer for our church family. A family member is defined as someone who presently or previously attends our local church; someone who knows someone who attends our local church; someone who is a child a God but knows nothing about our local church; someone who stumbles across our blog but desires prayer and encouragement. In the kingdom of God, WE ARE FAMILY! And we have prayer warriors standing by to intercede for you!

:: Wes' Retrospections
I am a youth pastor and this is my blog. It's random thoughts and happenings on a variety of topics.

:: Grace Today
Appreciating the blessings we have from God each day, finding humor and joy together, pondering Truth.

:: | eye-dyllic |
Celebrating life and sharing God's goodness. Testimonies found in "Today's Bouquets."

:: Sue always has a
Sue Duffield's lighter side

:: The Lady
Women's Ministries Section blog to encourage and update ministry information to women in Southwest Florida. 

:: Russ Jones
I am the Lead Pastor at Faith Family Worship Center, Assembly of God, in beautiful Palm City, Florida. My wife Betty and I have one child, Anneka. As well as being a pastor, I am a father, husband, blogger, disciple of Jesus, worship leader and whatever else life requires of me.

:: Psalms of a Woman After God's Own Heart
One woman's incredibly vulnerable communication to God, inviting the world to listen in. Perhaps you'll're not alone.

:: Northside Assembly of God Prayer - Tampa, Florida
This is the prayer/intercession blog of Northside Assembly of God church in Tampa, Florida.

:: Lifetime Intimate Portrait Deanna Shrodes
The personal up close an intimate portrait of a woman in ministry/pastor's wife. It's about what I'm currently learning, things God is showing me, things others have taught me, non-sensical stuff I'm thinking about, really life changing stuff I'm thinking about, and even sharing a little bit about things I haven't figured out yet and am not sure I ever will.

:: Russ Jones
I am the Lead Pastor at Faith Family Worship Center, Assembly of God, in beautiful Palm City, Florida. My wife Betty and I have one child, Anneka. As well as being a pastor, I am a father, husband, blogger, disciple of Jesus, worship leader and whatever else life requires of me.

:: Equal Time
This site discusses issues of equality and gender and racial reconciliation, from the perspective of two A/G pastors/pastor's wives.

:: Pastor Keith Jones Blog
Periodic thoughts from Pastor Keith Jones of Gulf Coast Assembly of God in North Port, Florida.

:: Journey Home
Welcome to Journey Home! We are a Christian homeschool family from New Horizon Academy. We like the simple life . This blog is about my family as we journey through life with Real People, Real Books, Real Life. 

:: Girlfriends
Womens Ministries at Pike County Assembly of God in Zebulon, Georgia, USA

:: Rychus Ruckus
This blog reflects my thoughts on anything and everything from Christianity to culture, current events and relevant topics. 

:: Mirror Of Grace
A Spirit-filled Christian Womans reflections on following Jesus! I hope this site will encourage others to follow Jesus and discover the Power of Holy Spirit through their walks with the Lord

:: Spirit Led Woman
A highly involved Pastor's Wife in Southern Illinois desiring to be led by the Spirit and share what God is doing with others of like faith!

:: Destiny Driven
My Assignment? To fulfill my God ordained destiny on this earth! My Intention? To fulfill my God ordained destiny on this earth using the gifts, abilities, passion, strengths AND weaknesses! Why? To please the Father and impact this world for Him in the best way I can... by being driven by His destiny for me! Grab a cup of coffee and check in with me each day and let's be driven by destiny together!

:: Equal Time
This site discusses issues of equality and gender and racial reconciliation, from the perspective of two A/G pastors/pastor's wives.

:: Bscottyberg's Blurbs
I am a christian, a perfectionist, a wife to a youth pastor, a mom of two toddler boys, a part-time employee, and part of a big Italian family. I don't have time for anything else!

:: Broken Potterie
Personal journal/devotions, insight that God gives me to scripture to encourageother believers and minister to nonbelievers of Jesus Christ.

:: The Diaper Heads
The daily events of a pastor's wife and a family with a special needs child who is autistic.

:: African Dreams
All about our life as we prepare for the mission field!

:: A Hoosier Family
I'm the owner of the Assembly of God Blog Ring. My husband is an Assembly of God Pastor in Indiana. Come join with us to make a greater presence on the Internet, as we shine His light and love on the Net.

:: Pastor's blog
In the life, family and ministry of an Indiana pastor!

:: Devotion
Daily journal excerpts and happenings in my life.

:: The Call of God
A site that discusses theology, politics, and education, frequently using intriguing series topics.

:: Ink It Blog
Don't just think it - ink it! A blog for ministry ideas, inspiration and just plain fun by an A/G pastor's wife. And then God answered: "Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run." (Habakkuk 2:2 The Message

:: Candied Ginger
Just a place to share my thoughts whether they be about what I am learning, experiencing, or remembering.

:: Thoughts Women Think
The purpose of this blog is to share thought, experiences, and things women go through in their walk with the Lord.

:: Craig T. Owens

:: Simultanaity
Pastor Nate Elarton's blog of encouraging, uplifting, and humorious thoughts.

:: Redhead Reverend
I am a minister (associate pastor) and a pastor's wife (both at an Assemblies of God church), a stay-at-home mom of two preschoolers, and a part-time church secretary (at a United Methodist church). I grew up as a pastor’s kid in Assembly of God churches, just as my hubby did. I enjoy graphic design and spending all day on the internet.

:: I am Free!
I am 22 years old, and I just graduated from Eastern Michigan University. I am also finishing up obtaining credentials with the Assemblies of God church, so that I can become a pastor. I enjoy playing and watching sports, and hanging out with my friends. I also love spending my free time at my church (Northville Christian Assembly of God).

:: The Back Forty
Being real about the life lessons learned as a mom, wife, and pastor's wife...and LOVING everything about it ... well ... almost everything! 

:: I'm Not Confused; I'm Random
Thoughts from an Assemblies of God minister.

:: Commonplace

:: Tea Time
Reflections and spiritual thoughts by a pastor's wife and mother of two teenagers, with a home business. "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."

:: Keeping My Children Home.....Priceless
We are a homeschool family of 4 that loves the Lord Jesus and lives to please Him. We have schooled at home for 6 years now and are still learning new things all the time. I don't feel like I'm a veteran, just someone that has had the chance to make more mistakes. I love coffee, but cannot drink it anymore so I drink chai. I have chocolate running through my veins and my blog has made my husband a blog widower. I love to look out at the moon and stars, God is so creative isn't He! My 5 year old is praying that God will turn him into a dinosaur and my 16 year old wishes we lived inside a book store. My husband enjoys the outdoors and Nascar. Welcome to my world.

:: Big Weiss Blog
Faith, fun, family, and everyday life with ordinary people hoping to do extraordinary things for God.

:: Faith, Family & Friends

:: First A/G of O'Fallon, Missouri
To serve the community, to develop relationships, to gain the opportunity to minister life unto the hurting. 

:: Baaa Family
The Family Baaa --- Brian, Ashli, Abby & Ally. Our lives, and Mommy's thoughts along the way.

:: Pastor Chaz's Cyberspace Bread
A personal connection with members of my church as well as friends close and abroad to pour into their lives spiritually, hear from them, and keep them aware of Janece our growing family.

:: The Haines Family
A stay at home mom to 2 preschoolers. This is my site on my thoughts of faith, family and friendship.

:: Fun 'n Faith for the Soul
A fun 'n faith Christian blog extending the ministry of Peggie's Place on the Web (, "the most fun Christian home on the Web!"

:: My Quiet Refections
Just the ramblings of a wife, mom, grandmother and daughter of the King.

:: Women of Faith
Inspirational stories

:: Nebraska Youth Ministries
A place to stay in touch with the NE DYD. Full of life lessons, bible trivia, prizes, leader's nuggets, testimonies, and more...

:: Not Mine but God's Story
Sharing my story of the choice I made 18 years ago to have an abortion and how holding on to that secret affected my life and how God's grace restored me.

:: ThE iDiOt
Ramblings of a wise, idiotic, sensible, senseless, complete, undone, frantic, man of peace.......

:: Our Adventurous Life
Follow our family on our daily adventure on this thing called "life" as we try to be God's hands and feet to the world around us. Matthew 28:19-20

:: What We Have Here Is...
A church planters take on life, theology and the modern church.

:: Thoughts of a Listener
The thoughts, dreams, desires and, sometimes, the ramblings of a a guy who just wants to serve God and minister to people.

:: Welcome to My Passion
My daily walk with Christ and what I am learning along the way.

:: The Surrendered Scribe
God's call on my life is to encourage readers to freedom and victory through surrender in Christ. Journey with my surrender through marriage, parenting,ministry, writing and anything in between. Be encouraged, be blessed, but be back often!

:: The Narrow Gate Invites
This is a team blog featuring NE Ohio writers Kim Zaksek, Maria Spencer and Julie Arduini. They share their struggles, mistakes, revelations, Holy Spirit encounters and transforming moments through the gate even those in Christian faith don't go through---the Narrow Gate Invites.

:: The Greater Akron Section A/G
A blogging/discussion site for the ministers and leaders within the Greater Akron Section in the Ohio District

:: Iron Sharpens Iron
This verse is Proverbs 27:17. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. I chose this passage because as Christians we need to build each other up. On our own we get misled, discouraged, or lazy. Spiritual growth is essential. We can talk about life and fix the stuff that's broke by being honest.

:: High Impact Church
Thought-provoking blurbs on how to increase the impact of your church.

:: Friend
My Blog about Friendship

:: Dayton Assemblies Of God Section
Greater Dayton Assemblies of God Sectional Website

:: A/G Marriage Ministry
Resourcing - Encouraging - Networking Assemblies of God Marriage Ministries

:: Women of Grace
Bridging the Gap so Others may Find their Way is the heart of this ministry. Women need to know they are Precious creations. Women need to have a Purpose for their life. Women neeed a Place where they are encouraged and belong. Women of Grace can make the difference... Because Grace is the difference. Through Biblical teachings and encouragement we are bridging the gap for those who have no hope. Alsoour desire is to touch a life, that they may catch "the Fire" [an unquenchable desire] to know God more, growing together in spiritual strength and in numbers for the Kingdom of God.

:: (Veracity)
The blog of N.P. Reed

:: awake
This is an online young moms group with weekly updates to encourage women to be who God called them to be. 

:: JAM Adventures
Join Date:Oct 13 2008
A Children's Ministry Blog

:: Pastor T's Weblog
A children's ministry blog.

:: Journey To The Prize
I never dreamed I'd find myself here. A wife of over 16 years, a mom to four gorgeous boys. Wow. Things certainly turned out differently than what I expected. I am so glad they did! This site is all about the journey
. The family. The friendships. The day-to-day stuff. That's what I want to remember. I hope you find some of the good stuff of life here.

:: Me, Myself, and I
A site where moms, wives, pastors, pastors wives, friends, daughters, and sisters can come and identify with what another woman is going through.

:: Brian's Faith Journey

:: Beloved MaMa
Beloved of God, Mama to 3 kiddos, Wife of a Missionary Kid... UPDATE: just started a new Prayer Ministry, bloggy style... Join me on my journey of LIFE :o)

:: Beloved Mama Prays
Over the past few months I felt a nudge from the Lord to make my blog, Beloved Mama, into something more... to focus more on HIM and less on me... After finding several bloggy sisters throughout the blogosphere and realizing that many had become prayer warriors for me and I for them... I opened up my blog to prayer requests... Eventually it came time for me to create a new blog with a prayer focus, THUS, Beloved Mama Prays was created! Several ladies who represent numerous Christian denominations are part of the prayer team and are dedicated to praying for your requests! You are welcome to take part by submitting requests and praying for those in need.

:: It's All About Loving God And Loving People
Webpage/blog for my church in Rogue River, OR

:: The Sound of Thunder
This blog is my humble attempt to deal with questions people ask me as a pastor, and to talk about things that concern me as a pastor.

:: PR's Rant
God, life, family, & ministry all wrapped up in words.

:: Fighting The Good Fight!
Conversation about real faith in Jesus Christ in the 21st Century.

:: Jack Thomas Blog
My name is Jack Thomas and this is my blog on family, life, and ministry!

:: Eric's Blog
A pastor's blog about leadership, technology, communication, church growth, family, Atlanta and Clemson sports, and my ministry.

:: Pastor Lori's Blog
I blog about children's ministry, leadership, family and friends.

:: My Own Road Home
This blog's mission is to share the love of Christ with others so that they may come "to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ." Through my journey with advanced breast cancer, I have received just a glimpse of His great love for us and it has brought such peace and joy that it has made this dangerous road bright with His presence. Join me in living and simply abundant life of gratitude and joy!

:: Selah
With my voice I cry to the Lord, and He hears and answers me out of His holy hill. Selah! Psalm 3:4 

:: Mentoring Women in Ministry
A place of encouragement and support for the woman in ministry/pastor's wife.

:: Just Journaling
A Chi Alpha Missionary and Mom, things I'm learning along the way. 

:: Chocolate and Coffee
Devotional site ministering too women of all ages.

:: Life is a Blessing
Daily ramblings of a Christian wife and mother. Some days I am a mommy blogger, some days I write my struggles, others I share my "sermonettes."

:: Life as I know it
Snippets of life from day to day from a child of the Living God, wife, and mommy.

:: The Owl's Song
A California girl transplanted to the Dairy State, pastoring, pondering, and writing about life, church, marriage, women in ministry--you know the stuff.

:: Musings-N-Stuff
A blog dedicated to whatever is on my mind - whether it is ministry, life, marriage, some obscure observation about...whatever! I am an Assemblies of God children's pastor who is also very passionate about writing and the theatre. Enjoy!

:: Life Points
Life Point is a collection my thoughts, prayers, quotes and stories from my daily life! I want to share with you my hurts, hopes, dreams and daily life points.


:: Revival Africa Ministries
We are Malaysian AOG missionaries to Kenya since 1992

:: Pam's Place
My husband and I serve as missionaries with the Assemblies of God World Missions. We live in Mexico City and have been involved in several aspects of ministry. We currently serve as Area Directors. In this capacity we work with a leadership team of four other couples along with a strong missionary fellowship in partnering with the Mexican Assemblies of God in reaching, equipping and releasing people to fulfill God’s redemptive purpose for Mexico. I am a counselor and also a part of the Latin America/Caribbean Commission on HIV/AIDS.

:: Inkyspot
Musings of a Missionary Mom 

:: Mazes, Messes, Miracles...aMazing Grace
Christian inspiration and journal of my life from teacher in Minnesota to mission work/teacher in Mazatlan, Mexico

:: Ekaputra Tupamahu
Ekaputra Tupamahu currently teaches theology at Satyabhakti Advanced School of Theology (STT Satyabhakti), INDONESIA. He earned his MA and M.Div from Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS), in Baguio City, Philippines. His wife is Jeanny Rumuat. Both of them are ministers of the Assemblies of God in Indonesia. They have been tremendously blessed with a boy, Norman Alexander Tupamahu. This blog is intended to provoke discussions on theological issues.